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Types of Search Engine Submission
  Search engine submission is a basic part of the success of your Web site! Anyone can have a well designed web site, but without professional search engine submission the world will never know about it. If you don't promote, nobody will see your site.
. Manual Submissions: Manual Submission enables you to have better control over the submission process. With the proper understanding of how search engines rank their pages, this is the most effective method of submission. It can be a time consuming and frustrating process especially if you possess a large web site.
. Automated Submissions: Automated submission software can make the task easier. Mass submission software packages are available at low cost. These promise to index your web site to thousands of search engines easily and cost effectively. But some popular search engines do not accept automated submissions. Search engine may consider your repeatedly submission through automated software as SPAM and panelize your site also.
. Paid Listings: Paid listings can be the most effective way of establishing a rank if you've got a fair amount of allocated budget. The main advantage of submission in paid listing is your site will be listed immediately.
Pay For inclusion: You can pay to appear in the top results for categories or keywords.
Pay Per Click: Some search engines accept bids for the top rankings. They allow advertisers to bid for each visitor directed through to their web site, based upon the number of clicks the ad receives.
Ad Space: you can purchase ad space which will allow your company banner to be displayed against chosen keyword queries.


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